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12092 West State Hwy 22
Branch, Arkansas 72928
Phone: 479-635-2222
Fax: 479-635-2087
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Lori Binz
Binz, Lori
Physical Education
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Sandy Blevins Blevins, Sandy
Casey Bodin Bodin, Casey
Special Education
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Rose Bottoms
Bottoms, Rose
Pre-K Aide
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Annette Brown
Brown, Annette
Elementary / 7th & 8th Grade Art Teacher
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Brittany Brunson
Brunson, Brittany
Library Media Specialist
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Joe Brunson
Brunson, Joe
Boy's Basketball Coach / Track / Physical Education / History Teacher
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Lisa Bynum Bynum, Lisa
High School Administrative Professional
Lisa Bynum
Bynum, Lisa
High School Administrative Specialist
Ryan  Casalman
Casalman, Ryan
Girl\'s Basketball Coach / Golf / Baseball
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Jacy Chronister Chronister, Jacy
3rd Grade Teacher
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Tammie Clifton Clifton, Tammie
Business Education
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Don  Core Core, Don
Technology Coordinator
Anna Ethridge
Ethridge, Anna
Food Services Director
Anna Evans
Evans, Anna
High School Counselor
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Scott Gann Gann, Scott
Band/Choir Director
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Taylor  Gattis
Gattis, Taylor
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Wendi Gattis Gattis, Wendi
Computer Lab Aide
Johnny  Greb Greb, Johnny
Bus Driver
Jill Harris Harris, Jill
Tracy Houston
Houston, Tracy
English Teacher
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Kenton  Hurt Hurt, Kenton
Grounds & Transportation Coordinator/Bus Driver
Tina Hurt Hurt, Tina
1st Grade Teacher
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Tina Hurt Hurt, Tina
Bus Driver
Kristal Jaggers
Jaggers, Kristal
4th Grade
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Keena James
James, Keena
District Treasurer
Kay Johns
Johns, Kay
Math Specialist
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Carol Johnson Johnson, Carol
Tammy Keezer Keezer, Tammy
5th Grade Teacher
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Janelle Kerns
Kerns, Janelle
Counselor / 3rd - 6th Grade Title I Literacy Facilitator
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Darline Kincannon
Kincannon, Darline
5th/6th Grade Teacher
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Amy King King, Amy
Ron Koch
Koch, Ron
Agriculture Teacher
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Scott Lee Lee, Scott
Bus Driver
Suzanne LIttle
LIttle, Suzanne
Speech-Language Pathologist
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Celia  Looney
Looney, Celia
Art / Gifted & Talented / Journalism / Oral Communications Teacher / Yearbook / Jr. High Cheerleading Sponsor
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Katie Lynch Lynch, Katie
Music Teacher
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Josh Manus
Manus, Josh
Science Teacher
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Randie McCoy McCoy, Randie
Kindergarten Teacher
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Linda Moore-Jones
Moore-Jones, Linda
High School Media Specialist
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Bob Neumeier
Neumeier, Bob
Math Teacher
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Lanee\' Nye Nye, Lanee'
Pre-K Teacher
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Paula Parker Parker, Paula
Eric Parsons
Parsons, Eric
High School Principal
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Liz Porter
Porter, Liz
English / Spanish Teacher / FCA / Sr. High Cheerleading Sponsor
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Sara Porterfield
Porterfield, Sara
Science Teacher / Science Club Sponsor
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Amanda  Price
Price, Amanda
Elementary Administrative Specialist
Rose Rinke Rinke, Rose
Gina Robberson Robberson, Gina
Brittany Roberds Roberds, Brittany
1st Grade Teacher
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Kristi Robins
Robins, Kristi
2nd Grade Teacher
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April Shaw
Shaw, April
Social Studies Teacher
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Haley Shaw Shaw, Haley
Special Education
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Lera Shelby Shelby, Lera
Superintendent's Administrative Assistant
Liz Shelby
Shelby, Liz
5th/6th English
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Holly Shotzman Shotzman, Holly
AOA Instructor
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DeAnna  Sibley
Sibley, DeAnna
K-2 Title I Literacy Facilitator
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Linda Teague
Teague, Linda
Elementary Principal, ABC Coordinator, Federal Coordinator
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Janet Trusty Trusty, Janet
5th & 6th Grade Science
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Wanda Vaughan
Vaughan, Wanda
Math Teacher
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