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Senior Ad Information

Senior Ad Information

The deadline for senior ads for the 2019 County Line Chief is scheduled for January 18. However, we will be glad to take your senior tribute ad any time. Please contact Ms. Looney at the high school, or email her at


Do you accept digital photos? -- Yes! We are glad to accept your digital pictures on CD/DVD, flash drive or through email. Just be sure that the resolution on your photos is at least 200 dpi. 

What layouts are available?-- You may choose from the samples here or that you recieve with your letter. Many photographers offer custom layouts and there are always layouts for sale on Etsy and other Internet sites. Pinterest is also a good place to look for inspiration.

What do I write? -- In our experience the best thing is to speak from your heart, and less words are better than more. This blog, by a photography company in California that does senior pictures and sells custom ads, has some great advice.

Can I design my own ad? -- Absolutely! Finished ad sizes are:

  • Full Page--47x61 picas (6.83 x 10.16 inches)
  • Half page--47x30 picas (6.83 x 5 inches)
  • Quarter Page--23x30 picas (3.83 x 5 inches)

​You can submit the finished page by email or on digital media to the yearbook staff. Please be sure the finshed resolution is at least 300 dpi.

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