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Posted Date: 04/04/2023

County Line Schools Safe Room will be open to the public in lieu of tonight's inclement weather. Please go to the doors with the keypad on the southwest entrance (see picture). If the Safe Room is locked dial 911, the dispatcher will give you a code to unlock the door. Please read over the Safe Room Rules below.

Tornado Safe Room Rules

Safe Room doors will be unlocked when the tornado siren sounds in Branch.

During school hours, students and staff have priority for Safe Room occupancy. The community will only be admitted after all students have been sheltered.

The Safe Room is open to the public only when a tornado warning has been issued and/or the tornado sirens have been sounded.

The Safe Room will remain open only until the warning is lifted. When the warning expires, the Safe Room must be evacuated.

The only animals allowed inside the shelter are certified service animals, therefore, personal pets are NOT allowed.

Food and drink are not permitted in the shelter.

Illegal substance, alcohol, or tobacco in any form is prohibited in the Safe Room and on the all school property in accordance with Arkansas Law.

Radios and music devices may be used only with individual earphones.

Safe Room door must remain closed at all times.

Use of PE equipment is not allowed.

The person who opens the Safe Room is responsible for closing the Safe Room.

The locker rooms on the north side of the Safe Room are NOT tornado safe areas.